Hey hey hey, salut tout le monde !

Aujourd’hui, lisez les premières pages de la bande-dessinée de Piki parue dans le 101010, “Gigantesque Forêt”. Pour connaitre la suite, n’hésitez pas à commander le fanzine sur notre site !

Hey hey hey, hello everybody !

Today, wait for 101010’s English version by having a look at the beginning of Piki's comic: “Gigantesque Forêt”. You can order 101010’s French version on our website!

Hey guys !
Only in french for the moment I’m afraid, but here is the beginning of the comic I made for the Collectif PinUp’s fanzine. You can go on our tumblr to check the other’s comics, it’s awesome <3


Salut les amis ! Nous sommes drôlement fiers de vous présenter le premier numéro de notre fanzine 100% bande-dessinées, le “101010” !

Au programme :
- Gigantesque forêt, un one-shot par Piki
- La vieille maison sur Lewis Street, premier chapitre d’un feuilleton par Mrion
- Le voyage de Terre, premier chapitre d’un feuilleton par Willow
Retrouvez le 101010 en convention, ou prochainement en PDF et PDF version anglaise.

Hello, Friends! We are very proud to present the first issue of our new comic book magazine, “101010”!

101010 includes :
- Gigantesque forêt, a one-shot comic by Piki
- La vieille maison sur Lewis Street, first issue of a series by Mrion
- Le voyage de Terre, first issue of a series by Willow
Find 101010 at conventions, or soon in PDF and English PDF version.

Hey !
Nous avons enfin sorti notre fanzine 101010 !
J’y ai fait une BD de 26 pages ainsi que la couverture <3
Si vous etes intéressé pour en acheter par correspondance (9€ + fdp) n’hésitez pas à nous contacter !

We finally manage to finish our fanzine, 101010 !
I made a 26 pages comic in it, and the cover !
It will be probably available as an english PDF, one day :’)

Also, feel free to follow the brand new Collectifpinup tumblr ! <3

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Hello friends !

New FREE SHIPPING link for this week on our Society6 store !


Reblogging, the promo link is still working ! <3

Hello friends !

New FREE SHIPPING link for this week on our Society6 store !


Please help us find a place to live ! >.<


Hi guys ! As some of you may or may not now, I’m now working as a visual development artist in Germany. The thing is, due to some issues with my landlord I have to move out by the end of September. This means I would technically be homeless in October.

My friend and colleague pikipouet and I are now searching for a place to live in by the beginning of October, possibly in Ludwigsburg or Stuttgart, as the studio we work in is located in Ludwigsburg. 

We’re having a lot of trouble trying to find something, because we don’t speak german very well, so realters and people renting their flat are not very responsive :/

I’m writing this message here because I know for a fact some of you are leaving in Germany and were pretty excited I’d move there, so if you could help by reblogging, sharing, or if you have heard about a flat in that area that would be free…. please send me an ask or send an email to with the title ‘flat searching’

Seriously, any kind of help would be welcome ! I’m getting a little desperate here, we’ve been searching for two months now :/

Hey ! We need help with my friend!

Please if you hear about a flat to rent in Ludwigsburg or Stuttgart, with two bedrooms, send me or Galaxyspeaking a note ! <3

We’ll love you forever if you help us :’DD

Jessica Hyde the mad badass girl.


I’m sorry I don’t post so much, but I’m currently in Germany for work and for the moment I just have a crappy laptop that makes awful colors, so I just can’t draw correctly with it, that’s really frustrating >_< !
I have to find an apartment so I can move all my stuff, including my big computer. *_*

I think I’ll try to stay longer at work to use the computer there to draw for myself sometimes !

I also want to thank all of you for the reblogs, likes and follow! <3

Just watched season 1 finale, it was quite amazing o,o !!

I’m starting season 2 right now.

EDIT : ARK the colors were absolutely wrong on my laptop x_x I fixed it …

The last one ! Sailor V!

All the bookmarks will be available at Harajuku (Paris), on the PinUp! stand !